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30 hours


Becoming a designated broker within the real estate profession is by far the biggest step that a licensed individual can take. This course is designed to show the amount of work and responsibility that is required in being a designated broker for a firm. This is especially true for the individual(s) who is starting their own real estate brokerage firm. The educators who put together the curriculum requirement for this TREC course are to be commended. The required material, that we followed, covers from minor areas such as the “Do Not Call” list to the major responsibilities of handing thousands of dollars of client money. This extensive range of topics indicates TREC’s desire for any individual starting a real estate brokerage firm to be aware of the extensive range of knowledge they must be schooled in. This course will certainly show what a new broker and brokerage firm owner will face. The emphasis of the course are the requirements for starting a new real estate brokerage firm. The owners, administrators, and the designated broker must do things properly.