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30 hours


Texas Real Estate Finance #451 is one of 6 courses required to obtain a real estate license and can be purchased separately or as part of the Texas 180 Hour Package. Real Estate Finance is designed to provide information regarding the financing of residential and commercial real estate. The course will begin with a discussion of the mindset of lenders in financing real estate purchases. This will include the discussion of different forms of lenders, conventional and non-conventional loans, different loan forms, federal effects and requirements, the lender loan market, the cause and effect of the Promissory Note and Security document in financing a purchase, and the detailed requirements of all the Security Devices that include mortgages and trust deeds. In conclusion, you will learn the need and use of good appraisal practices, explain the different forms of appraisals for residential and commercial properties as well as the basics of investing in each form of real estate.